A senior at Blackacre

Collin's Senior Portraits by Tim Girton

As we continue to shoot senior pictures, Misty and I like to find different locations. One of the best of those hidden gems is Blackacre Nature Conservancy in Jeffersontown so that’s where we took Collin for his portraits. This was a fun one for a couple of reasons. One, Collin is our friend Melissa’s son, so she came with us. What she didn’t know was parents can be called into action as V.A.L.S., aka Voice Activated Light Stands. Luckily for us, she didn’t mind holding a scrim or reflector.

Collin's Senior Portraits by Tim Girton

At Blackacre, a bit of land manned by volunteers, we found great spots, some a little different from we used when we shot Amber’s maternity photos. Sure, we used the barn, but Collin wanted some shots with his car so we found some cool places to spotlight him and his ride. One of the photos, included in the gallery below, was with his mom. You can see where he gets his handsome from.

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