A senior in Old Louisville

Cassie Vincent senior photos by Tim Girton

Cassie wanted a bit of a different vibe for her senior photos so we went urban on her in Old Louisville for part of her photos. St. James Court is a cool backdrop for life in general, let along senior photos. Tucked in among the mansions of the elite is the famous fountain. Think we shot around that landmark. That would be a yes.

Cassie Vincent senior photos by Tim Girton

We took the chance to go to nearby Central Park, too, with its stage all set up for Shakespeare in the Park. The controversy that went on at the time prevented us from going up to the stage itself, but I thought about it. We put ourselves at the University of Louisville, too. Not because Cassie is a Cardinal fan. In fact, she said she’s a Kentucky fan. But all the red around campus went along with her school colors. You’ll see in the gallery below.

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