Jaxson got his smash cake

Jaxson's First Birthday photoshoot by Tim Girton

While we were photographing Cassie’s senior photos, her friend Whitney saw how we worked and thought it would be fun to have us shoot her son Jaxson’s first birthday pictures. Well anybody that knows me thinks of me as the baby whisperer (which is true by the way) so we accepted happily. And little Jaxson was a joy to work with. He was active and joyful and when you see all the photos you’ll agree that he had a great time, even before the cake. His mom is a University of Louisville Cardinal fan so you can recognize those surroundings and the cake.

Jaxson's First Birthday photoshoot by Tim Girton

And then came smash time. I don’t know where it started, but I’m glad it’s a big deal. To put such a sweet snack in front a kid that is just learning to feed himself and then let him go wild with it? How much fun is that? Jaxson, like Pierson before him, proves once again that you can smash it and make great pictures, too. See what I mean below.

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