Jesus on the Waterfront

Jesus Figueroa by Tim Girton

We try to make sure that using Louisville’s Waterfront Park for photos doesn’t become a cliché. With that in mind, we took South End resident Jesus to the river, but not in the normal places. The very photogenic gentleman you see here agreed to do photos at the Patriots Peace Memorial on River Road. Not only that, we used some of the interesting architecture on Story Avenue and then back to Cox Park to get right on the Ohio.

Jesus Figueroa by Tim Girton

Jesus is a natural. He needed very little prompting or direction. It’s rare that anyone knows what their good angles are and even more rare that a man knows. As you will see below, he knew how to work it. Which was fun, especially when we found a guy at the park with the same shirt on (last photo). Who could have predicted that.

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