The onslaught of the holidays

Girton Christmas Dinner by Tim Girton

Yeah, I know.

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated and I have reasons why, but in the end they just sound like excuses. But it’s a new year and, in keeping with resolutions, we’ll try to make it a no-excuses year.

Girton Christmas Dinner by Tim Girton

What you’ll see initially will be a little out of sequence. I was blessed to participate in a number of senior portrait and family shoots and I want to show them to you, but if it gets to the end of January and all you see are holiday photos, it might get boring. Therefore today, you get to see my family’s get together for Christmas. It was a fun time and we set up a “photo booth.” In reality, we took them into the studio in front of the seamless, but the props were awesome.

Girton Christmas Dinner by Tim Girton

My brother David couldn’t make it, but Bev, Michael and Tara came with their kids and had some fun in the booth. Misty’s parents came as well and we made some good, fun photos of everyone.  Find the gallery below. Click any picture to make it full sized.

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