Shooting Brandie on The Avenue

Brandie's Senior Portraits by Tim Girton

Lately, locations in Louisville tend to have cutesy names and we like taking pictures in all of them. I’d like to make the rounds as we go forward and, for places that don’t have one, maybe give them a new name, too. For this senior portrait shoot, we started Brandie on The Avenue.

Brandie's Senior Portraits by Tim Girton

The Avenue is Frankfort Avenue, which runs through Clifton and Crescent Hill. It’s a cool bohemian neighborhood that has the distinction of keeping corporate chain restaurants off of it for the entire run of the street up until it becomes Shelbyville Road, which it does once it reaches St. Matthews. Because of the vibe, we thought Brandie would really stand out. We were right.

Brandie's Senior Portraits by Tim Girton

We also took Brandie to the waterfront, but tried to make sure we didn’t repeat the clichéd places or the places that we’ve shot in before. Every senior is unique and deserves to have photos that photos that show how distinctive they are. As a subject, she was awesome and looked amazing. We played a third location into the shoot as well because the nice folks at Blackacre let us interact with a horse. There are more photos below.

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