Bernheim with the Burton’s

Burton Family Photos by Tim Girton

Families with small children are always awesome to photograph. And when the family wants to use a location I’ve never shot in before, so much the better. So when the Burton’s said they wanted to go to Bernheim Forest, we were quick to say okay.This gigantic forest isn’t that far from Louisville. Just go 20 minutes south and there you are.

Burton Family Photos by Tim Girton

The official name is Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest and if you travel there for something other than photos, you’ll see how serious they are about maintaining this enormous green space just outside of the concrete jungle of the city. And while you enjoy the sensation of fresh air, you’ll find yourself in awe of the greenery. And in among the greenery, we got a chance to shoot the Burton’s.

Burton Family Photos by Tim Girton

One son is very young and enjoyed the splendor though newborn eyes. The other son and I became fast friends who started to enjoy having his picture made. Mom and dad wisely went with the flow and we got some great shots. Everyone was awesome and one of the clan was a little tuckered out, as you can see.

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