Taking Taylor to Blackacre and the Waterfront

Taylor's Senior Photos by Tim Girton

Sometimes when we shoot portraits, we build in some extra time so the subject gets some different looks from their shoots. If everyone agrees, we can put some real variety into their portfolio and that’s what happened when we got a chance to work with Taylor.

Taylor's Senior Photos by Tim Girton

The Blackacre Nature Preserve has been growing in popularity with photographers and subjects over the past year and a half. When I started shooting there, I pretty much had the pretty photo places to myself. Other people visited and there’s an endowment to keep the preserve going. Then I noticed a few more photographers and a few more. When Taylor was in front of the lens, we counted 10 other photographers doing senior portraits  as well. With good reason. The place is gorgeous and a bit of rustic in a metropolis like Louisville.

Taylor's Senior Photos by Tim Girton

The tour with Taylor also went downtown. Waterfront Park, as you might imagine, continues to surge in popularity as well, especially with the expansion of the last few years. As long as you use a little imagination, and have a subject like Taylor, you can make some very good portraits. Taylor’s smile captivates throughout and you can see more of it below.

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