Amanda’s story

Amanda and Danielle by Tim Girton

I’ve been struggling to write this story for a while now because I want to do it justice, but the circumstances are such that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express how deep my admiration is for Amanda (obviously a different Amanda from the last update).

I came to know her and Danelle through a photo shoot arranged by Misty. Amanda is a hair client of her friend Sean and wanted to have some pictures done with her partner. They scheduled the date because Amanda was about to start chemotherapy for cancer. That knocked me for a loop. In my head, the only thing I kept saying was that she’s too young for cancer. She was so full of energy and you can see it in the photos that we took at Iroquois Park.

Her mother made sure we got some with her dog, too. That was fun because the dog was well-behaved and I didn’t have to do much wrangling. My son London was my assistant and he’s great with animals so that left me to concentrate on the images, which I knew I had to get right. They didn’t put any pressure on me for that. I just didn’t want to dishonor her by making bad photos.

Amanda and Danielle by Tim Girton

This past week has been tough on her, too. But that’s her personal story and I won’t put it out in public. If you are a friend of hers, you know what it is. And please, friends, family and strangers alike, remember her in your prayers, mediations or however you communicate with your higher power. I would consider it a personal favor if you could.

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