The tsnonami is coming


Back in the day (4 years ago) when I was still doing radio, I came up with a new word: tsnonami. You can look it up in the Urban Dictionary. The credit goes to Tim Gerard, which was my radio name. I was really just fooling around to see if they would accept it and, as you can see, they did.


I was doing it because during that time, Louisville got a lot of little snow falls. Nothing major, but enough to close schools for a day or two at a time. It was the kind of snow that Chicago laughed at and Atlanta was paralyzed by. That’s when I made this photos. In the span of a little over a month, it would snow, then melt, then snow and always give me an excuse to use my camera.


Not that I ever need an excuse. Some of these are daytime, some are night. Some are even right in the middle of the storm. The blizzard-like conditions that we thought we’d get turned out to be sound and flurries signifying mostly nothing (if I could borrow and mangle a phrase). But, during the dog days of summer, it’s kind of nice to look back.

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