Young McDaniel had a farm

McDaniel Family by Tim Girton

When we got the chance to work with the McDaniel family I was kid-in-a-candy-shop happy because we got a chance at a new location. The extended family had a small farm near Fern Creek that we were able to use for the shoot and it had all the cool stuff I had hoped for, including a small pond, a barn, some horses and an old gate. Out on that pier, you see Eli exercising his fishing skills.

McDaniel Family by Tim Girton

Eli’s sister Kylie took a little while to come out of her shell, but she enjoyed telling me about her horse Dani. It gave me a chance to establish a bit of rapport with her. And I understood it. Big, bald guy with a big camera rig armed with a fairly long lens. I’m trying to get good compression and bokeh. All she sees this enormous maw pointed at her. You could see where that might be intimidating. By the end, though, we were having fun. Family photographers just have to remember that you’re talking to people, not subjects.

McDaniel Family by Tim Girton

Mom and dad wanted the photos to be about the children, so they didn’t jump in too many, but when they did, we got to see the family magic. That happens when happy parents interact with happy kids. I feel blessed to have shared some of their magic time. More below.

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