Now it can be told: the origin of


Three years ago, I decided to do a website celebrating my city of Louisville, KY though my photographic work. Not exactly a new idea, but I wanted to do something that would reflect my version of Louisville so, with a few dollars and some WordPress knowhow, it became a reality, thanks to the Strobist, David Hobby. He’s the one that put the bug in my brain. That’s him in the above photo with me. I’ll leave it to you to decide who the handsome one is.


Anyway, I attended the Indianapolis stop on his FlashBus tour back in 2011 with Joe McNally (above) when he mentioned a project he had just started called HoCo360. He created it as an homage to Hamilton County, MD where he lives. He said he wasn’t making money at it because it was a labor of love. The lightbulb went off. I mean, I love Louisville. Maybe I could be JeffCo360 or something. Oddly enough, that was taken. Besides, it didn’t sound as cool as HoCo did anyway. I tried different shorthand combinations of Louisville, Jefferson and Kentucky. Nothing worked until I decided to call it what is was: This Is Louisville.

Voices of the Survivors Committee

So I started putting it together and got it launched with a story about the Voices of the Survivors committee who were dedicated to making sure crime victims aren’t forgotten as the media talks about the latest bad news. That’s Mayor Greg Fischer throwing his support behind the committee.

This...Is Louisville Launch Party

Little did I know at the time but photojournalist Maggie Huber (above) had started the process of putting together a magazine called This…Is Louisville. She had done a Kickstarter campaign and everything. People around us expected a fight, but no. Maggie and I became friends and decided that we both had a great idea at the same time. I wholeheartedly supported the magazine by donating to the Kickstarter campaign and getting an autographed magazine and 8×10 in the process.

There are no new issues of the magazine out, but I have every single one that got published. In the meantime, I’ve linked This Is Louisville to my main site to be a bit more streamlined. It’s because I love photography and I love this town. I’m just lucky enough to be able to put it all together.

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