Conserving through photography


Iroquois-04Back in 2009, I spent many a Saturday morning getting up at 4am to head out to a nature location in Louisville to make pictures. I didn’t consider myself a landscape photographer at the time because I had been reading about shooters that were doing their part for the environment by showing it. They were shooting things as if they were for National Geographic.


My skills weren’t anywhere near that, however I figured that Louisville had some places to see and I felt like I should show them. I only got a chance to do a few locations before the radio job sucked up my Saturday mornings, too. I haven’t gotten back to it yet, but I’m considering it. There are still plenty of places to see and hopefully they’re the places I can show that keep Louisville weird. In case you were wondering, these are a few sites from the top of Iroquois Park.

One thought on “Conserving through photography

  1. That’s a neat perspective on things. I’ll keep that at the back of my mind when I’m planning my next photo outing. I’m in New England, and to a certain degree, I feel the same way about showing the world that despite our lack of a major tourist nature site in each state, there is plenty besides Acadia to see…. But I’ve never actively gone out with the focus of preservation in mind. Good thought. Nice goal! Thanks! 🙂

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