How I got a new BFF in less than an hour on Main Street

Bovinet Maternity by Tim Girton

I talk a lot about being the “Baby Whisperer” because I have a relatively easy time establishing a rapport with the young people in front of my lens. It happens to differing degrees but I honestly can’t think of one child I’ve ever had trouble reaching. Then there’s a cutie named Kaylee.

It started when we took Kaylee’s family downtown for a maternity/family photoshoot. We went to Main Street at the Kentucky Science Center and all along the block down to 21C. Kensie, aka mom, was about to have baby Jace so she, papa and my soon-to-be new BFF gathered around to make some photos. While mom and dad were occupied, Kaylee and I went off on our own. I do this to keep the youngest children engaged because attention spans aren’t very long at that age. Before I knew it, we were a block away doing photos.

Bovinet Maternity by Tim Girton

Well Kaylee’s parents were surprised as heck because she isn’t good with strangers. However if you got a chance to watch us, you’d think Kaylee and I were the oldest and dearest of friends. We talked Disney, princesses, falling leaves and the word “cheese.” Later, mom told me that she had been practicing that word for the big day of photos. As you can see, she was absolutely awesome at it.

Bovinet Maternity by Tim Girton

There’s a follow-up to this shoot that I’ll post later. It’s a lifestyle shoot with baby Jace in the photos as well. And what do you think Kaylee and I did? Picked up where we left off. And I make sure I follow Kensie on Instagram so I can keep up with the doings of my tiny BFF. Can’t wait for the next shoot, Kaylee.

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