Forcing variety can be a good thing


Once upon a time when I was a photographer in search of a style, I forced myself to think about and perform photography every single day in something that, at various times, was called the Daily Photo Project or Photo du Jour. The object was to get out of cliched shots like “the Louisville Skyline” or “pretty flowers.” Don’t misunderstand. There are some amazing photos like that available and some that are yet to be made. But if that’s I shot, I didn’t see how I would prepare myself for a career in photography.


The photos here are from January 2006. My kids are young and are rich photo studies. Even then, I forced myself to look to other subjects. That way I could figure out the camera basics beyond P mode. Most of the ones here are aperture priority. I hadn’t ventured into fully manual settings quite yet. I guess I felt like I needed the training wheels still. These days, I’m more of a situational shooter. I like going manual for the control, but some situations call for setting the aperture and letting the camera figure out the shutter.


Enjoy the photos because I know a couple of them will my my children cringe. They’ll appreciate how cute they were when they were younger, but it’ll be a while before they’re comfortable with that. I just remind them, I have earlier film scans of them. Perhaps that’s an article for later.


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