Years in the making with Makenna

Makenna by Tim GirtonIt took a while, but I finally got a chance to shoot photos with the lovely Makenna. And it started before she was even born. But look at that face and that expression. How blessed am I to be able to capture that cuteness.

Makenna by Tim Girton

The path was set in motion when Misty and I photographed a wedding after I got out of the hospital from a fairly traumatic health event. The worry was that I wouldn’t be up to it, but thankfully I was. The bride, Jessica, was adorable and so was her sister Vanisa. A few weeks later, Vanisa found out she was going to be a mother.

Makenna by Tim Girton

So 3 years later I got a chance to work with Makenna, around the time of her second birthday. Without the normal “baby whisperer” bragging I could go into, I’ll just say that we hit it off in the studio and her natural beauty and playfulness came through. Check the photos to see what I mean.

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