Jukebox the Ghost rocked Headliners – so did Secret Someones and Little Daylight

I had the opportunity of rock out last night with Jukebox the Ghost at Headliners Music Hall on Lexington Road in Crescent Hill. As soon as I walked in, you could see the place was ready to jump. One of the reasons: Ben Thornewell was coming back home. More on that below.

First up was the four piece band Secret Someones. I hadn’t known much about them before last night, but I came aways with an appreciation of what they do. The three women and one man put together a 30 minute set of slick and accessible power pop that won the crowd over about halfway through the first song and never let them go. See the photos below.

Out next was Little Daylight. Their set was a little more nuanced but very much in the same vein of the evening. Their sound kept reminding me of an up-to-date Berlin, an 80’s New Wave band. But not in a contrived fashion. I think it just came out that way from the resources they’ve put together. Lead singer Nikki Taylor’s style is reminiscent of Terri Nunn. And their remake of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” was killer. See them below.

After being thoroughly warmed up, Jukebox the Ghost had the crowd in the palms of their hands. I’m sure Thornehill’s presence had something to do with it since he’s from the Ville, but their music had a lot of drawing power as well. Based out of Washington, D.C., the three members have obviously put in the work needed to move to the next level of stardom. They’ve also gotten accolades from the Washington Post and Spin magazine. And if last night is any indication, JtG is going to be a presence for a long while. Photos of them below.

Arielle Christian covered the show for Louisville.com and you can see her review here.

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