Snow Day with Emma and London

Technically Louisville is a southern city. Geographically it’s a lower midwestern city. It’s been called the gateway to the south and Mother Nature took advantage of that gateway to drop 8 inches of snow on our fair metropolis. So what would any self-respecting photographer do? Grab a camera and start making pictures, of course.

That’s just what I did and since our street is considered a secondary roadway and has the priority of “we’ll get to it when we get to it,” we spent a few days at the house. With school out, we had ourselves a snow day with my son London and our “niece” Emma. Niece is in quotations but she really is family. Misty went to pick her up in her SUV and we made a wreck of the front yard. It was fun, though.

By the way, dial in at least a stop of exposure compensation or your snow will look gray when you shoot yours.

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