Another Snow Day and Some Attention

I got an e-mail from Demotix, the agency that represents my photos to ask if I was going to go out and some snow photos. Not the kind I did with Emma and London here, but more on the photojournalistic side. I replied that I was heading out straight away. Those photos can be seen, and licensed, here.

What I did with the outtakes was square them off and put them on Instagram. I posted some and used the hashtag #LouSnow among others. If you follow my Instagram feed, you know I’m pretty hashtag happy.

Snow Day in Louisville by Tim Girton

Anyway, the Courier-Journal picked up a few for their reader feed. As any photographer knows, the more people who recognize your name, the more people look at your work. If they like it, perhaps we could do business. You’ll recognize the 3 they used from me by the big “GirtonImages” logo on them.View “March Snow” on Storify

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