The Sisters and Their Kids

We got the chance to work with the Eggen sisters and their children as a surprise for their parents. They wanted to do something special for their elders and they needed it within a time frame so we had to deliver while getting three families to look their best.

Eggen Family by Tim Girton

Luckily for us, the kids were energetic, photogenic and cooperative. We had a brisk day at Long Run Park and they didn’t disappoint. Adding to the brightness of the day were the three beautiful sisters. I could have made pictures of them all day.

Eggen Family by Tim Girton

One of my favorite photos came at the end of the shoot when one of the young girls spontaneously took it upon herself to check to see if my head was smooth. It was so cute that we had to have a photo of that, too. See what you think of the photos below.

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