The 2015 Kentucky Derby Festival Is Off and Glimmering

This past Thursday night, the family got together and headed for Fest-A-Ville kind of on a whim. Misty talked to her BFF Becky who said she wanted to take her daughter, my play-neice, Emma to see the Balloon Glimmer. The Glimmer is a scaled down version of the Great Balloon Glow that takes place the next day. And the Glow itself is a precursor to the Great Balloon Race that goes down the Saturday before the Kentucky Derby. A lot to follow? Perhaps, but Louisville natives have it down pat now.

So we made our way to Waterfront Park, site of Fest-A-Ville, and ate some really bad-for-you carnival food. Emma went with the corndog, minus the corn. My son London and I decided on steakburgers. You know, hamburgers with a fancier name and price tag. I could feel the cholesterol enter my system, but it’s Derby so it doesn’t really count.

Then, to enjoy time before nightfall and the Glimmer itself, London and Emma rode a few rides. I guess it’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a full-fledged midway, but I suffered a bit of sticker shock and I didn’t even buy the ride tickets. London, however, nearly got sick on a ride that went in vertical circles. He toughed it out, though and kept the steakburger in it’s assigned spot.

By then twilight moved in and all of us taken by the beauty of the hot air balloons set aglow by the burner flames. Emma and Uncle London  stuck together and he was able to give her a tour of the Great Lawn. Even though it was a scaled down version of the Balloon Glow, it was still awesome. As you imagine, I have a few photos to show you.

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