The Balloon Glimmer at Waterfront Park

My son London’s birthday celebrations kicked off with some awesome visuals as we loaded up and went down to Waterfront Park’s Fest-A-Ville for the Kentucky Derby Festival’s Balloon Glimmer. That’s where a few hot air balloons stay on the ground but activate their flames to make their balloons glow to the delight of the crowd. The next night has more balloons for the Great Balloon Glow. Then on Saturday morning, there’s the Great Balloon Race. We like the less crowded Balloon Glimmer considering that Emma is only 4 and quite excited at events like this.

Balloon Glimmer by Tim Girton
Emma and London on the merry-go-round.

Readers of the blog know Emma’s my niece without actually being my niece and when we’re at the Glimmer, she needs her Uncle London. It’s tradition. And it gives London a start to his birthday celebration. My goodness, he’s 16 today.

Balloon Glimmer by Tim Girton
Portrait of a Sixteen Year Old.

So, of course, how could I pass up a photo op, especially when it’s Emma and London and pretty balloons. And Derby’s next week. In the meantime, check out the shots I made last night.

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