Sketchbook: Flowers

Lately, I’ve felt like has been underutilized and it’s my fault. This site has always been about showcasing my photography for fun and occasionally for profit. In that regard, you can call it a success. But I can and should do more.

Recently, I ran across a post on where a photographer showed off his entire web posting setup and all it involves is his phone, camera, notebook and portable keyboard. With just a pocketful of gear, he has a full blown web presence and that got me thinking: why shouldn’t  be doing that. The tools are there to share more images. I need to share more images.

So here we go. I’ve been using my phone as a sketchbook get since they started putting cameras in them. Let’s start there. Earlier today I was at a friends house and they have quite a variety of flowers on display. Here are a few.

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