Vacation in Panama City Beach

Got a chance to take the family on vacation for the first time in forever. It’s the first time for my son London to get out of town beyond Indianapolis or Cincinnati so his excitement level is off the chart.

The trip down was long caravan affair with Misty, her parents and London and his friend Patrick in two cars. We made to sure stop along the way a few times for bathroom breaks and food and stretching. Stretching, as in sports, is crucial on long trips.

When we arrived, we put some time in on the beach right away because we got there too early to check in. Some pool time, too, because the place where we stayed had both beach access and a pool. That was okay with everyone. And when we got in the condo, it was awesome. That’s where these decor photos came from.

By the end of the day, we made sure to watch the sunset on the beach. We’re looking for a few more days of exactly this same scene.

2 thoughts on “Vacation in Panama City Beach

  1. Panama City Beach is one of our favorite vacation spots because of the amazing beaches and fun things to do. Also, you can’t forget just to relax there too!

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