Dale and Bootsie on Panama City Beach

Our Panama City Beach vacation had a couple of stowaways in the condo. Okay, they’re Misty’s parents and they’ve previously enjoyed all the fun of the beach and the city. On the next to the last day there, we did some photos near sunset.

We weren’t blessed with a clear evening, but the partly cloudy skies that I covet so much at home put a nice even light on their faces which were already pretty darn attractive. And because they’re such a fun couple (if I do say so myself) we were able to make some great images.

Dale and Bootsie Aebersold by Tim Girton
A quiet moment with the Gulf of Mexico.

You know, vacations are about relaxing and spending time with loved ones, but I also really found myself falling in love with beach photography. Something about the timelessness of the pounding surf puts you in the mindset of putting together pictures that won’t fade because something goes out of style. The sand and the ocean are eternal. You can see that in these photos.

Then Dale surprised us by showcasing his previous modeling experience. The more he posed the more I snapped. As I tell everyone, I can do it all day. A few of his s0lo photos are below.

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