Another Season of Vikings Football

My son London is a football player at Valley High School. He’s a big strong guy who gets to push other people around within the confines of the gridiron and I’m proud of his progress every day. It seems like he’s better and better after each practice. Of course, that’s his dad talking so you’d expect me to say things like that.

Last Friday, the team did it’s blue and white scrimmage. For those that don’t know, this is a kind of game against each other. First team offense vs second team defense, then switch and it’s second team offense vs first team defense. And sometimes it’s first team vs first team. It breaks down to this: photo opportunities for London’s father, who happens to be a professional photographer. So on a steamy Friday afternoon and evening on the practice field, click-click-click-click could be heard along with the clacking of shoulder pads.

And Valley looks pretty good. Should be a fun season.

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