Football: Valley at Pleasure Ridge Park

Football season in the Jefferson County Public School system opened last night with games all across the city. The one I paid attention to involved my son London. He’s a Valley Viking and they played arch rival Pleasure Ridge Park in hostile territory. The outcome didn’t work out in the Vikings favor and, as a fan, you could see some unfairness going on but my fellow football parents and I had to chalk it up to home field bias. PRP got to keep that snowman that they play for by winning 32-0.


It didn’t help that we lost receiver De’Vious Brooks (above) early with a broken nose. There are several good signs for the Vikings, though. The defense played well despite a questionable touchdown in the second quarter (the PRP runner was a good foot and a half short of the end zone which happened right in front of me) and a run-up-the-score TD at the end of the game. Also, the running game found it’s footing in the 4th quarter.


For the guys, it’s time to put this one behind them and concentrate on Atherton next week for the home opener at Viking Harbor. Check out the sights of the game below. Go Vikings!

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