Louisville had a Flugtag and we had a Blast – and a Splash

The Red Bull promotion apparatus invaded Louisville’s Waterfront Park for a flugtag. I know. The first question that pops up for those that don’t know is: what the heck is a flugtag. Translated from the German, flugtag means “flying day” so that’s what we had just off shore in the Ohio River. Except every homemade contraption that was built to compete had to be human powered and launched from a 22 feet high flight deck.

Red Bull Flugtag by Tim Girton
The Dukes of Hazzardous aircraft soared on their 81 foot flight at the Red Bull Flugtag Saturday, August 27, 2016 at Waterfront Park.

So sure, most of the aircraft went straight down into the river, but a few got some lift and traveled a little farther than 0 feet. In fact, the team called The Dukes of Hazzardous glided over 80 feet. All the teams also were judged for their pre-show routines and creativity. And everyone put in time on all aspects of their presentation.

Red Bull Flugtag by Tim Girton
The many aviation fans on hand to watch the Red Bull Flugtag in Louisville’s Waterfront Park on Saturday, August 27, 2016.

Saturday was Louisville first experience with the flugtag but Red Bull has traveled the world with this concept since 1991. And since I love photo opportunities, I couldn’t wait to get down there and didn’t abandon the park when we got a 30-minute pop-up shower. It even looked like most of the patrons stayed and why not. You don’t get a flugtag every day. See the photos of some of the “fliers” as well as the people who came to see below. There’s even one of me mixed in. And yes, I should have shaved that morning.

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