FOOTBALL: Valley at Iroquois

The Valley Vikings took the momentum they gained from last Friday’s Atherton victory over the Iroquois High School to see how they would fare against the Raiders. Turns out, they ended up with more of the Big Mo as they tore apart Iroquois 46-6.

Valley at Iroquois by Tim Girton

Unfortunately, the Vikings lost a good receiver, Alex Weirwille, to a broken collarbone on a reception attempt late in the game. He’s a tough kid so his recovery should go well. The Vikings will miss his speed and talent on the field, though. As we know, though, it’s always next man up so I imagine Alex will be on the sidelines cheering on the player that ends up running the patterns he normally would. That’s one of the best parts of this squad. They all pull in the same direction and go for the same cause.

Valley at Iroquois by Tim Girton

As far as the photography aspect, this is probably the dimmest field I’ve ever shot on. It didn’t seem like there were any lights out, but the kids practically played in the dark. Some of the photos you’ll see below are shot at 128,000 ISO. That’s the highest my 7D goes so the grain is evident. Check ’em out.

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