Becoming Uncle Tim

It’s happened so much now that I’m starting to think it’s a trend. I’ve been lucky enough to have great photo clients who, in turn, have great kids. During photo shoots, since I’m just a bigger version of a kid, we always have an amazing time. You’ve seen Emma on this site and I’ve been her Uncle Tim practically since birth.

Me and Makenna by Tim Girton


Well last week, I got to see Makenna, whom I’ve been lucky enough to photograph since she was very young. Her mom and Misty have been friends for years so when they had a visit, Makenna came along. She’s one of those really cute kids that’s very shy at first, spending time hiding behind mom. Then, sometime during the visit, we started talking and we were BFFs by the time she had to go. I consider myself lucky. By being able to relate on a kids level, I think I get the best photos. Even these candids of Makenna. Nothing was posed. It was just us talking about flowers or watching Teen Titans Go. Made for a great morning.


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