FOOTBALL: Valley at Moore

Friday night ended up being a long one for the Valley Vikings as they traveled to Moore High School and left with an L 40-37 on an entertaining and potentially winnable game. In fact, the Vikings were the favorite going in and during the first half were rolling with offensive and defensive scores. Those of us who are Valley fans wanted the win because we’ve seen the potential in all four games this season.

Valley at Moore by Tim Girton

The stuff surrounding the game was weird all night. Moore held their homecoming, had their marching band perform Elvis songs and had a DJ who didn’t mind booming his music during game play. In fact, the DJ got so bad that at one point, the referees had to ask him to turn his music off when the game was going on. Complicating things was the extended halftime. As the festivities dragged on, they kept adding time to the clock as if we didn’t notice.

Valley at Moore by Tim Girton

Valley had chances to win, so we can’t quibble about the distractions. The Vikings will take their 2-2 record against Fairdale this coming weekend. A gallery of images from the Moore game below.

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