FOOTBALL: Fairdale at Valley

The Fairdale Bulldogs traveled to South Louisville’s Viking Harbor to take on Valley High School. Unfortunately for the Dawgs, they ended up leaving with a lopsided loss 39-19. It gave the Vikings a chance to avenge last year’s loss which should have been a win. With the win, Valley takes a 3-2 record into their bye week.

Fairdale at Valley by Tim Girton

It wasn’t easy. Fairdale took the opening kickoff and marched the field, taking up over half of the first quarter, and drove to the end zone and scored the early lead. That forced the Vikings to bring in their quick strike offense which did the job and not only got Valley back into the game, but enabled them to take the lead. From then, Valley had Fairdale back on their heels for the remainder of the game.

Fairdale at Valley by Tim Girton

Meanwhile, the atmosphere at Vikings home games is more and more like real football. When my son was a freshman, it was okay. This year, the ROTC is more together than ever, the band not only plays the National Anthem but how plays at halftime and the cheerleaders have been at every game both home and away. And I think the photos I’ve been blessed enough to make are showing it. See this week’s gallery below.

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