FOOTBALL: Shawnee at Valley

No school today meant that football at Valley High School was a Thursday night affair and that’s why the Shawnee Golden Eagles spent time at Viking Harbor on the night before the traditional Friday Night Lights. And for the Vikings, it was homecoming so that became the extra incentive for Valley to win the game. They did, convincingly, 55-6.

Shawnee at Valley by Tim Girton
Shawnee at Valley by Tim Girton

Shawnee’s football problems have been documented in various places but they were outgunned any way you look at it when they came to Valley. The Vikings went up 38-0 in the first quarter so with the rout on, the officials decided to start the running clock in the second. In the third, Valley held the ball the entire quarter because the play got chippy and the officials addressed it with both coaching staffs and then amongst themselves for around 7 minutes – with the clock still running.

Montre Reynolds Senior Portraits

Homecoming king ended up being popular Viking defender Montre Reynolds (above – he’s also #19 in the previous photo) whom I was lucky enough to do senior photos of during the summer break. And during all this, the rain came down. Not downpour style, but rain enough for me to put my gear back in the car after the first quarter. But not before I got some shots of the pregame karaoke, which is a fun idea that I hope gets brought back in future home games. Photos of the night below.

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