FOOTBALL: Valley at Western

The Valley Vikings took their show down the road to play the Dixie Bowl against the Western Warriors. That mean that Valley had to reach in their awards case and pull out the trophy that goes to the winner. Last year’s game was highly competitive with the Vikings coming out on top. This year, it was Western’s turn as they won 36-20 on their homecoming night.

Valley at Western by Tim Girton

The big story coming out of the game was the loss of star wide receiver Devious Brooks to a broken leg. The incident happened on an incomplete pass on the first drive of the first quarter. While everyone waited impatiently for EMS to arrive, which seemed like it took forever, coaches and friends attended to Devious. You would be correct in assuming that watching their friend writhing in pain on the ground took the wind out of the sails of the Vikings. It was something Western would take advantage of.

Valley at Western by Tim Girton

In the third quarter, however, Valley pressed the issue and made their big comeback, whipping the visitor’s side into a frenzy with defensive stops and offensive fireworks. Unfortunately, it was too late in coming for the Vikings to pull out the win. Which just means that they’ll swap the trophy next year. Get well soon, Devious. People on both sides of the game wish you well.

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