FOOTBALL: Valley at Waggener

The Valley High School Vikings had another hard fought battle last night, this time against Waggener. It was even the WHAS11 Game of the Week. Too bad they didn’t broadcast the game because it was a 16-on-11 mauling where the 11 football players and 5 officials in Waggener’s favor dropped the hammer on the Vikings 34-13 in a non-conference game so luckily, the loss doesn’t affect their playoff standing.

Valley at Waggener by Tim Girton

Normally, I don’t complain about the officiating. Bad calls can go either way and at the end of the game it usually equals out. This year, Valley’s been on the bad end of poor officiating at Moore and now at Waggener. You don’t want to put the thought in the heads of those young Vikings, but there are times when it’s frustrating because a stadium full of people can see the obvious. Like how, on Waggener’s first touchdown, the receiver was clearly out of bounds. Ugh.

Valley at Waggener by Tim Girton

Yet, the Vikings still played their guts out until the end. The injury bug bit them again and for most of the second half, they played with a backup center and backup quarterback. They were able to move the ball, but whenever things started to turn around a made up call blunted the momentum. But that’s okay, Vikings. The playoffs start at Spencer County Friday night. You’ll get a chance to show what you’re made of.

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