FOOTBALL: Valley at Spencer County

The Valley Vikings ended their season last night with a loss at Spencer County, 28-7. It was a cold night with an ESPN style atmosphere with fairly loud music, a large marching band and an animated announcer. You could tell it was a playoff atmosphere and Spencer County was quite excited to host the first round of the district playoff game.

Valley at Spencer County by Tim Girton

Unfortunately for the Vikings, the injury bug finally caught up with them. They came into the game without their starting quarterback (concussion last week, not cleared to play this week), their number one receiver (broken leg a few weeks ago), another receiver coming off a separated shoulder and a starting offensive and defensive lineman coming off another shoulder injury. And yet these kids were a game bunch which held  Spencer County scoreless for most of the first half with interceptions and fumble recoveries.

Valley at Spencer County by Tim Girton

In the end, that photo of the team on the field says it all. They played hard and were spent with the emotion of the end of the season washing over them. We’re proud of those kids and we can’t wait to see what Valley High School has in store next year on the football field.

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