My Best of Times

On Monday I discussed my challenges over the past month and alluded to the yang to that yin, i.e., the best of times. That happened when my daughter Talia came home. I don’t think my heart could have soared any higher when I saw her after so many months of her being away in Latin America.

Her plane landed while I was at work so her stepbrother Adam and his parter Andrew picked her up from Louisville International Airport. My heart pounded out of my rib cage until that moment when she got to the house. The hug I gave her was bone crushing. I knew I was hanging on too tight but I couldn’t help myself. Everyone waited patiently until I was done before all the official greetings took place.

When she started planning her trip back home she told us that she came bearing gifts so we left the Christmas decorations up. She mentioned that she didn’t have a tannenbaum in Panama so I insisted that we keep ours decked out until she got home. She saw it and gave me that “oh, Dad,” smile that signaled that I was being goofy but she also appreciated the thought.

Being the art geeks we are, we spent some time at the Speed Museum during their 90th-anniversary celebration. No one else wanted to go with us, but that was okay. We arrived for the last part of the T’ai Chi demonstration. I enjoy practicing the discipline and I think it was the first time she went through the motions. It made me wish we had gotten there sooner. But we still had a good time touring the museum and enjoying the musical entertainment. I even saw Jessica, a photographer I used to work with in the Amazon photo studio. She’s working with a photobooth operator so, of course, we had to get our picture made there.

As the social butterfly that she’s always been, she made the round robin visits to her friends, but we got to have her stay a few nights with us, as well. That gave us a chance to have our typically eccentric discussions. I do miss the twists and turns that our conversations routinely take. It could start with Women’s March and end up on the different dialects of the Polish language. I can’t have talks like that with anyone else.

While I worked, she spread herself out on the kitchen table to work on a book. Not reading it. Writing it. In Spanish and based on her music therapy knowledge. Oh, and when it comes out, you can expect me to brag incessantly. Figured I should warn you about that now. But she also worked on the things she can only do in the states. Guess it was more of a working vacation for her.

On the Saturday before she left to go visit some of her friends in the West, my siblings had a get-together, though we missed Michael who had an emergency and couldn’t make it. They all love Talia, of course. How could you not? During the proceedings, I was lucky enough to get photos of nieces and nephews with both my kids. Everyone’s getting so big, as evidenced by my 6 foot 2 1/2 inch son. His natural charm and affection had his cousins climbing all over him. It’s pretty awesome having both my kids in the same place since my world traveler stays on the go. 

I lost a couple of days that we originally had planned when she spoke with her grandparents who live out of state and wanted to see her. I couldn’t really argue but I had a bittersweet moment when I dropped her off at the airport. But I got a chance to remind her of something I’ve been saying since she was in high school. I miss her but at the same time, I remain excited about her journey to come.

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