Future Miss Kentucky Basketball

Last Friday night, my niece Kira played the last junior varsity game of the season and my brother David asked if I’d come out and take some photos. I think I said yes before he finished the thought. As a photographer who can do some sports, I leaped at the chance because I haven’t done a basketball game of any time for quite some time.

And it gave me a chance to see my niece school some youngsters. She plays for the defending Kentucky state champion Butler Bearettes. The Bearettes varsity team is once again Sixth Region champions and are favored to repeat as state champs. That’s why the entire family jumped for joy when Kira got into Butler. She’s a freshman but by the time she’s a senior, with her skills, I’m expecting her to be Miss Kentucky Basketball.

As you might be able to tell, we’re a basketball crazy family in a basketball crazy state. And with Kira’s natural talent and ability, I’m thinking she’ll go far. I mean, 5 of the young ladies on the varsity squad got Division 1 scholarships. Kira’s in good hands with her current coaching staff.

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