Let’s Get Fired Up

A couple of weeks ago, my brother David asked me to do some photos of his daughter Kira and her basketball team on their final junior varsity game of the year. You can see those photos here. This past Saturday, he asked if I would come out and do some photos of his youngest daughter Alanna and her cheer squad. As you can see from the cover photo, I said yes.

Honestly, it’s amazing how athletically gifted both his daughters are and how they are in different ways. Kira is a terror on the basketball court. Alanna, on the other hand, is the best cheerleader on her squad and she’s only a second grader. Most of the game, she was the one calling out the routines. You know how one cheerleader starts the cheer and the others follow. This little girl with the big lungs had the whole team follow her. And, of all her teammates, she’s the only one who can do the flips and tumbles associated with cheerleading.

Click on any of the photos to get a flavor of the game. The gym was rocking as her team, Kerrick Elementary, won their postseason game in a nail biter. The difference? The crowd got behind the Bulldogs thanks to the little girl with the big lungs.

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