Imagine Mandy Harvey

I traveled to Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, Indiana on Saturday to cover the Imagine Awards event for Angie Fenton’s and Jason Applegate’s Extol Magazine and I feel honored to meet a most amazing entertainer. Her name is Mandy Harvey and she was the main performer on the program. The photo here is an outtake. There’s a better one that will go in the magazine but I wanted to tell you about her because we had a nice conversation when I made her portrait.

She began singing at age 4 and she received her vocal music education at Colorado State University. She also has what she terms an invisible disability. At age 18 she lost her hearing from a neurological disorder. That means she performs music, and she’s also deaf. I asked her how she dealt with it and she said she looked at other things she could do, but she eventually returned to music, including performing with a band.

As a jazz singer, mainstream media like NBC are taking notice which is why she was a perfect fit for the Imagine Awards which is a Rauch Foundation benefit. But you’ll read all about that in the next issue of Extol. Meanwhile you can check out their website here. For more on Mandy, click here.

And check the video to see why I was so impressed with her.

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