A Little More Corey

Some weeks ago, I showed off a few photos of Corey during his time at the motocross park that became part of his senior portrait shoot. Then, over this past weekend, we shot the bulk of his portrait session at Waverly Park in Pleasure Ridge Park.

Cory Coots Senior Photos by Tim Girton

Along with me, Misty came to help with posing and styling and London was on gaff and reflector and diffuser duty. With their help, the session went smoothly and quickly and we even grabbed one of Corey’s friends, who just so happened to be in the park, to get in a few photos as well. And with his mom being there, too, she was able to make sure the clothes looked how she wanted them to. After all, she’s going to display them so they need to look like she wants them to.

Cory Coots Senior Photos by Tim Girton

As you might imagine, his vehicles are very important to him and with that being such a big park of his personality, we definitely wanted to show that off, as we do in any senior photo. If you schedule with Girton Images, we personalize the photo shoot to your specifications and do our best to follow through so that we can make the photos you want. Why not schedule today? Click here to e-mail.

One thought on “A Little More Corey

  1. Amazing photographer.. My son and I have had now 2 shoots with Tim & Misty and they really are awesome.. they allow you to put in your own special touches and know how’s to work the magic with capturing amazing shots..

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