Prom Prep with Shelbie

This past Saturday, I got a chance to enter a new photo genre: prom prep. It was fun with our willing model Shelbie, who is totally beautiful, which you can see in the before and after photos above. I love that she was game for pretty much anything we did. It made my job much easier to just be able to shoot to my heart’s content. With what you’ll see, I think you’ll agree that she brought the pretty in a big way.

Misty did the hair and makeup and I got to shoot every part of that and how she transformed Shelbie for the party. With the stunning makeup and the updo hairstyle, I would have put Shelbie next to anyone. She had to have been the belle of the ball when she walked in.

Of course, we did the pre-prom photos as well and she was awesome in those, too. Rather figured she would. She’s got some natural, innate posing ability as well as being good at taking direction so we could create some more curve as well. I sincerely hope she likes the photos we made of her. Her date, on the other hand, had to contend with the not so subtle message that her stepfather sent in the photo below.

Shelby's Prom Night by Tim Girton

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