Brittany and Rob: It’s About Time

It’s been talked about since the time Brittany and Rob got serious about each other: when will they tie the knot. Brittany is one of Misty’s favorite cousins so she was in on all the talk and when Rob finally asked, via a method I’ll share later when I showcase the actual wedding photos, Brittany asked if we would do the nuptial photos. We answered in the affirmative and we were also lucky enough to add the engagement photos, too. Some of which I’m sharing here.


Because of my day job, I didn’t get to shoot until halfway through the session and we did it at the Parklands at Floyds Fork. And yes, we got stopped by security because we hadn’t bought their permit, which I wasn’t aware that we needed. He let us continue, so I don’t have much to complain about. And Brittany and Rob were down for anything we asked, which I always think it cool. I like it when we have that trust with our clients. The fact that they’re family is extra nice.


I can’t wait to see how the wedding portraits are going to turn out. Check the rest of the photos below.

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