Tonika Turns Four

I always enjoy a photo shoot with kids involved. It gives me a chance to turn on the Uncle Tim persona and attempt to get some real, genuine laughter and expression for the kids involved. Of course, they have the “cheese” face, which is what all of us have been told to mimic for as long as I can remember, whether being in front of or behind the lens. But when a kid shows real fun, those are the best. Tonika gave that to me in bunches.Tonika's 4th Birthday by Tim Girton

We did the shoot at Farnsley-Moreman Landing in the South End and the place had a bunch of locations to utilize, including some I had never done before though I’ve shot there many times. And Misty made sure we had the props to mark Tonika’s 4th birthday. The little lady did the rest. Her personality showed through and she and I played the entire time because let’s face it, Uncle Tim is just a really big kid when it comes down to it.

Tonika's 4th Birthday by Tim Girton

Tonika even did her own version of the smash cake. However, the cake that got smashed was a cupcake it Tanya was on the receiving end of it. And then Tonika felt kind of sad after it happened. I don’t know if she was upset because she smashed it in Tanya’s face or because it meant that she didn’t get any more cake. I will say, though, it gave me a great final photo from the shoot. Again, a genuine emotion.

Tonika's 4th Birthday by Tim Girton

See the photos below.

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