Spending the Day with Jaxon

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that Jaxon and I collaborated on photos when he was just one year old. I chased him around the University of Louisville campus before he slowed down enough to do some of that fun smash cake stuff that we all love. So a couple of weeks ago, we met Jaxon and his mother Whitney at Farnsley-Moreman Landing for another photo session – including more chasing.

Jaxon and I had lots of fun and as you can see, Whitney participated in that fun, too. It was awesome to see the bond they have, but then again, it’s always great to see the affection that mothers and sons have for each other. And Jaxon will be one of those guys that will always love his mama.

Whitney and Jackxon Family Photosby Tim Girton

So between chasing Jaxon and Whitney catching him to get him do some of those perfect family shots, I’d say we had a great, productive day. See more photos below.

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