Prom Night for London

What a transitional year for my family, mostly due to the maturation of my son London. He’s a high school junior. He just turned 17. He has a serious girlfriend. And he just went to his first prom. That young lady in the cover photo is Danielle and that was his date for that traditionally pivotal high school dance ceremony, this year at the Mellwood Arts Center.

Of course, with professional photographers in his house, London had to endure prom photos not by iPhone, but by camera gear that I pull out every day to make pro photographs. He tends to be jaded about it, but Danielle made sure she was all put together, which, of course, made her stunning. And of course, my own opinion of my son is that he’s the most handsome guy on the planet so we did some behind the scenes photos of him while he was getting ready.

Then we met Danielle and her parents at Farnsley Moreman Landing for the couples shots. She had never worked with us, but London knows how it goes. We get people posed and lit and then do our best to have honest interaction between them. Turns out, the interaction was the easy part once everyone warmed up. It’s obvious they enjoy each other’s company and, when asked after the prom, London said they had a good time. Check the photos to see if you think they really did.

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