SKETCHBOOK: Fathers and Daughters

I’m a sucker for photos of fathers and daughters. Perhaps it’s because I love my own daughter, Talia, so much and I remember those days when she was tiny and I was her protector. And that’s a job I took seriously because I felt like by letting her fly but also being there if she ever fell, I was letting her find her way in life while also serving as the soft landing mat just in case.

Of course, in Talia’s defense, she doesn’t all that much and when she does, she’s strong enough and independently minded enough to just keep on flying even higher. And that brings me to Chris and Kendall who I got to photograph on Tuesday. Portrait photos with them, and the other family members I’ll be showing you later, are a joy. But just looking through the pictures I found this one and it touched my heart. How she tenderly holds his face while his strong arms engulf her to keep her safe. Told you I was a sucker for photos of fathers and daughters.

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