FOOTBALL: Seneca at Valley

School in Jefferson County starts this week and with that we get the Friday Night Lights. The first opportunity this season for the Valley Vikings was last night when the Seneca Redhawks came for a visit and both teams looked pretty good, playing to a 20-20 tie. Why a tie? This game was a scrimmage. And during a scrimmage, there’s no full kick off or punt runbacks and there’s no full-on tackling of the quarterback. A touch was enough to stop the play.


It’s for safety reasons. After all, no one wants anyone to get seriously hurt, especially in a game that won’t count in the official standings. The purpose of a scrimmage is to let each coach know what he has on the team going into the season. Sure, they practiced all summer, but it was against each other. Coaches want to see how their team will be challenged against other teams. And while Valley has some things to work on, like all teams, this is going to be a fun season based on what they showed us last night. More game photos below.



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