SKETCHBOOK: Emma’s Fairy Tale

If you’ve only been exposed to this website or follow me on social media, you’ve seen my niece Emma grow up before your very eyes. By way of explanation, Emma’s not a blood niece but we love each other as if we were. She’s the daughter of Misty’s best friend, Becky. I met Emma shortly after she was born and we immediately clicked. It was then that she and I decided to be uncle and niece forever.

Because of that, we’ve made, and I’m not kidding, thousands of images. Even as far back as her first birthday, shown here, Uncle Tim and Emma worked well together. We went sorta glamour, sorta messy and those results ensured that we would do birthday shoots for a long time to come. This year, she wanted to go with the fairy tale/Disney princess photoshoot and the first image I get to show is Cinderella. Or, as we kept saying, Cinderemma. I have more to show, of course.

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