SKETCHBOOK: When Your Kid Gets Famous

At the risk of sounding like one of those parents that bursts with pride over his son, I’m going to recommend you take a trip over to and see my son’s name in the review of the Valley High School Vikings football squad. He gets a mention along with several of his good friends from the team as the core of the leadership of the team.

With him being a senior, you would expect that. But I’m about as proud of a football dad as I could be at the fact that he got a mention. He’s worked hard. He joined Valley’s team with no experience from youth football. All he had was a basic knowledge of the game and the willingness to learn how to play his position. He’s blessed with size and raw talent, but you have to hone that into a seasoned player and I think head coach Alan Campos has done that for London. And Friday, the quest for the playoffs begins at 7:30 at Valley against its nemesis Pleasure Ridge Park. Go Vikings.

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